B:13 A Ceremony Calling 13-Year Old Boys into Manhood



G:13 is a two-hour, group-based interactive experience for 13-14 year old boys and their dads/father figures, introducing boys to the adventure of manhood. The B:13 kit provides everything a congregation needs to host this powerful ceremony year after year. This is ideal for congregations with a well-established confirmation program and/or for those looking to implement a rite of passage program but aren't ready for our full rite of passage experience (B: Following Jesus - A Heroic Rite of Passage for Jr. High Boys).


B:13 USB Drive includes:


  • Leader Script pdf
  • Video example of B:13 led by Tim Wright
  • PowerPoint slides
  • HERO acronym pdf
  • B:13 logo
  • Info video on B:Following Jesus, A Heroic Rite of Passage for Jr. High Boys)
  • Digital copy of Tim's book, Searching for Tom Sawyer: How Parents & Congregations Can Stop the Exodus of Boys from Church

B: Following Jesus, A Rite of Passage
for Jr. High Boys



A comprehensive multi-week, experiential, interactive rite of passage for boys and their dads/father figures calling and equipping boys to follow Jesus into heroic manhood.


B: Following Jesus USB drive includes:


  • Leader Guide pdf
  • YouTube link to Live recorded sample sessions
  • Student Manual pdf
  • Dads/Mentors Manual pdf
  • B:13 Ceremony Kit
  • PowerPoint slides for each session
  • HEROIC Coat of Arms for framing
  • Digital copy of Tim's book: Searching for Tom Sawyer: How Parents and Congregations Can Stop the Exodus of Boys from Church

B:16 A Father-Led Ceremony Celebrating His Son’s 16th Birthday



A unique opportunity for Dad to mark and celebrate his son’s 16th birthday, along with significant men in his son’s life, by pouring wisdom and masculine energy into his son.


USB drive includes guide to help Dad plan this memorable event.

Following Jesus: A Father & Son Adventure into Manhood



This powerful rite of passage takes the Father/Son questions from our Church-based program (B: Following Jesus) for those dads and sons who don’t have access to the whole program. Through a variety of experiences you will help forge your son into a good, heroic man.

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